Sunday, June 20, 2010

May Day 2010

Every year our little town of Mendon celebrates May Day. This is such a fun tradition. The girls ages 1st through 5th grade dance the May Pole and the juniors in high school are in the court. This year Jenna danced the May Pole and Frank was in the court. He was Jessica Carlson's escort for the festivities. There is a dance on friday night with the May Pole and program on Saturday. It was sunny that day for about 1 hour while the May Pole was being braided. Jenna is posing on a pole with her good friend McKenzie. Frank and the kids he has been friends with since preschool posed all together. Where has all the time gone? What a great group of kids. Fun to watch them grow up. :)
Group pictures:
Top Row: Jaison Hardman, Frank Pack, Annie Maughan,
Bottom Row: Kelly Gibbons, Matt Brandley, Nichole Morgan
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