Sunday, June 20, 2010

Alycia Rae's Arm

When Alycia was 4 years old she broke her arm jumping on our trampoline. It affected the growth plate near her elbow. For a long time, she liked the reaction from people when she would straigten arm. As she has gotten older, she hasn't liked the reactions as much. We have waited to do corrective surgery until she was ready. She decided that she was ready this year to see if it could be straightened. We had the surgery done at Primary Children's Hospital on March 3rd. She had to wear a full are cast for 8 weeks. She was a good sport. It really didn't slow her down at all. She even played soccer with her cast. We just wrapped her cast really good with bubble wrap and tape. :)

This is the metal plate at screws that are in Alycia's arm now.


Needless to say, Alycia was very excited to get that cast off.

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