Saturday, July 11, 2009

Weeblos Camp 2009

Rob and his friends had a great time with their dads at the Weblos Overnighter.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Birthday, Baptism and the 4th of July!

Jenna was baptized by her dad on the 4th of July. There isn't a better day for the little firecracker to be baptized. What a great day we had. Friends and family came to support our Jenna. It is hard to believe that she is the last one to be baptized in our family. I finished her quilt top just in time. It is a tradition in our family that when you are baptized mom makes you a comforter to remind you of the gift of the Holy Ghost.

Jenna's birthday was on June 12th while we were at summer games in Cedar City. She was a little disappointed that we weren't going to be home for her birthday. But we made the best of it. On her actual birthday we were able to drive down to my parents in Ivins. Grandma and Grandpa had pizza and a birthday cake waiting for us. Then Jenna and I were able to go and see the musical Annie at Tuacahn. It was a blast.

Before we left for Summer Games, we where able to have a swim party for Jenna. It was a lot of fun. We had pizza, soda, Cheetos and cupcakes (all the things that are good for you).

We are so lucky to have Jenna in our family and we love her so much!

Summer Games 2009

Alyica's soccer team went to Summer Games this June. We always enjoy going down to Cedar City. The SC Stangs played hard and had fun. They were able to come away with the Bronze Medal in their division.
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Lake Powell 2009

We decided to take the plunge and buy a boat for the fam. We took it on its maiden voyage to Lake Powell in June. We went camping and boating with our good friends the Montgomery's and the Leishman's. We even hooked up to go hiking with our friends the Longhursts. We had a great time. The weather was crazy. We had rain, wind, clouds, sun and flash floods. It was a great get-a-way for the family.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mountainside Mile and Wellsville Mile

This year our new school held a Mile race for the different grades. This also helped Rob prepare for the Wellsville Mile that is held every year for 4th and 5th graders. Because Reggie was on the cross-country team this year, he was able to run with the kids at the Wellsville Mile. The high school students run along side the kids to encourage them along the race course. Many school from the south end of the valley come and participate.

Wellsville Mile

Chance, Rob, and Ryan
Starting Line

Reggie running along side Rob

Reg and Rob after the race. Reggie ran about 8+ miles that day.

Time Card

Mountainside Mile

Rob at the Finish

Close to the finish

Rob & Clayton

Rob & Chance

May Day

Mendon has celebrated May Day for over 100 years. As part of May Day, young girls ages 1st grade through 5th grade dance the May Pole. It is a very fun tradition. Each of the younger girls is paired with an older girl. Each year the dresses are hand sewn and are different every year. This year all the older girls were dressed in purple and all the younger girls were dressed in blue. Once a year my brain has to stretch out of its normal thinking to take on this task. I am happy to report that I actually completed the dress at least a day or two before May Day which is quite a feat for me. This year the weather did not cooperate so that May Pole Dance had to be done in the church gym. It was definitely crowded but the girls did great. There were over 100 girls participating this year.


Jenna and her partner, Taryn.

The braided May Pole

Dancing the May Pole

Crazy Sweats!

Phil loves golf. He would golf everyday if he could. He likes to play in local tournaments and often brings prizes that he has was home to the kids. One of his latest prizes was a sweat suit. Not just any sweat suit but a size XXXL sweat suit. It is even large on Phil's size 6'3" frame let alone the kids. I got some great pictures of Rob and a friend in the sweats. It was hillarious. Jenna didn't want to be left out either.


Reginald Phillip Pack has graduated from Mountain Crest High School! Commencement excercises were held at Utah State University on June 2nd. It was very cool. He has already moved out and will begin school in the fall at USU.

2nd Grade Program

Grandpa and Grandma came and watched Jenna's 2nd grade program. She was doing a presention about her "Flat Stanley" (It is a fun story about a boy that becomes flat and he can travel anywhere in the mail). Jenna's Flat Stanley went to Ivins, Utah to visit her Grandparents.
They sang fun songs.

Jenna doing her presentation. Each child had their presentation memorized. Very cool.

This is Jenna's poster she created about Ivins, Utah.

Jenna and her teacher, Mrs. Doolittle. Jenna thinks the world of her teacher and so do we. She is such a great teacher and helped our little wiggle worm settle in and love school. We can never thank her enough!

Rain Gutter Regatta

This year Robinson's scout troop did the "Rain Gutter Regatta". He wanted to have a fast boat so bad. He wanted to look on-line for the latest ways to increase his boat's speed. He was in the top 2. He painted in honor of his father's favorite baseball team...the Philadelphia Phillies.


Frank has been participating in a fun group this school year. The girl in the tiara was named "Most Outstanding Teen" in our area. For community service she put together a program to take around to elementary schools in our valley. It is about self-esteem and positive attitude. It was a great message and they had a lot of fun doing it.


I know it seems silly to post 10 + posts in one day. But that is the story of my life lately....procrastination. I am doing this blog for a record of the Pack Family so I am going to go back over the last 2 months. Please forgive my procrastination and I hope for better.