Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Western Night

These are fun pictures from our school's Western Night. One night the dads take their daughters and another night the moms take their sons. They have a professional caller come and we square dance and enjoy rootbeer floats. It was a lot fun!

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Well, we did it! My dear friends from high school and I headed off on a Mexican Cruise in celebration of our 40th birthdays. (However, I am actually the only one that has actually turned forty. Hmmm?) We have all stayed in touch over the years. I always look forward to our annual Christmas get-togethers to catch up. We have been planning this for quite sometime. It is hard to believe that is has come and gone. We were hoping that more of us would be able to come. There was me, Tiff, Stacy, Raquel and Sherrie. We sure missed Angie, Wendy, Lori and Cindy! We sure wish they could have been with us. What a blast we had. These pictures are of the formal nights on the boat. Phil was such a trooper playing Mr. Mom back here in the artic north. Things went pretty good - Only three cases of strep throat, only one case of teenager running out of gas, and only a few cases of older siblings losing Jenna. Overall, it went pretty smoothly. Don't you think?
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Is that John and Yoko?

Wait. No. It is Reg and Frank. They were friends once.
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Senior Ball

Reggie took Ashton Montgomery to the Senior Ball. They said they had fun even though it is hard to tell by their faces in these photographs. Reggie was lucky to have such a lovely date.

Reggie is the one that looks like he has been murdered.
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Christmas Morning