Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day #18: Lehi's Dream

My sister decided to present Lehi's Dream for her ward's Young Women in Excellence. She wanted it to be a hands on experience with the iron rod, the great and spacious building, and the Tree of Life with it's "fruit". This began her journey in creating a Tree of Life. The picture is very cool but doesn't give it justice. I know this project took more time and effort than I can even imagine. Along with her husband, who is an engineer, they created this amazing tree. I couldn't believe she was actually doing this and going to all the effort. She had a lot of women on her committee and they helped her pull this off. I went over yesterday to help because last night was the big night and I was able to see how her idea had taken shape. But more than creating the tree, favors, and fruit shaped cookies she wanted her young women to take the meaning of the dream deep inside themselves so that will have the desire to receive the "fruit" of the tree. She is not one to be in the lime light and receive the praise of others. Her motivation was to help these young women internalize what my sister believes so deeply and to help these girls strengthen their testimonies. The Savior is the center of my sister's life. Anyone who knows her would agree. The young women followed an iron rod which eventually led them to the tree at the end of the evening. What isn't shown in this picture is the picture of Christ in front of the beautiful Salt Lake Temple that my sister printed off. It was brought out and placed at the base of the tree. Her message was that Christ is the tree and the temple is where we can fully partake of the love of God which is the fruit. I admire my dear, sweet sister for following her heart and sacrificing for the benefit of those young women.


LKP said...

AWESOME! we experienced something similar for our stake's fireside at girls camp this past summer. gotta say, not a single one of us (young women & leaders alike) came away unaffected by it. :) thank goodness for inspired people such as your sister!

Mommamac said...

Does your sister rent out her tree? We are doing this same thing at our girls camp next week and trying to come up with a tree like this! We are in Utah...not sure where she is but if she is I would love to talk to her!