Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mountainside Mile and Wellsville Mile

This year our new school held a Mile race for the different grades. This also helped Rob prepare for the Wellsville Mile that is held every year for 4th and 5th graders. Because Reggie was on the cross-country team this year, he was able to run with the kids at the Wellsville Mile. The high school students run along side the kids to encourage them along the race course. Many school from the south end of the valley come and participate.

Wellsville Mile

Chance, Rob, and Ryan
Starting Line

Reggie running along side Rob

Reg and Rob after the race. Reggie ran about 8+ miles that day.

Time Card

Mountainside Mile

Rob at the Finish

Close to the finish

Rob & Clayton

Rob & Chance


Shaleace said...

I loved seeing Reggie run along with the students. That is awesome he ran with Robbie.

Bryan and Heather said...

I'm glad you had some catching up time! Nate LOVES having Reggie as a roommate. I saw Reggie at the fireworks the other day. I can't believe he had already graduated from High School. I'm glad he has a few months before he leaves on a mission. I'm sorry we missed Jenna's baptism- I hope it went well! I remember at one of your other kids baptisms Jenna started taking off her shoes yelling it was her turn to get in. What a funny girl!

cindy said...

Running is dang hard! Great job cute boys!!!