Tuesday, July 7, 2009

May Day

Mendon has celebrated May Day for over 100 years. As part of May Day, young girls ages 1st grade through 5th grade dance the May Pole. It is a very fun tradition. Each of the younger girls is paired with an older girl. Each year the dresses are hand sewn and are different every year. This year all the older girls were dressed in purple and all the younger girls were dressed in blue. Once a year my brain has to stretch out of its normal thinking to take on this task. I am happy to report that I actually completed the dress at least a day or two before May Day which is quite a feat for me. This year the weather did not cooperate so that May Pole Dance had to be done in the church gym. It was definitely crowded but the girls did great. There were over 100 girls participating this year.


Jenna and her partner, Taryn.

The braided May Pole

Dancing the May Pole

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Paige said...

I miss the May Day Celebration. Wish our not-so-little town did something like it.