Monday, October 6, 2008

Homecoming 2008

Because Reggie is a senior a sign was put in our yard. He is participating in cross-country right now.

Reggie was nominated for Homecoming King. These are the four finalists. Reggie is the second one on the left in the white suit jacket. Mountain Crest has on Homecoming Parade and they finalists were in it.

It is hard to see him. This is at half time during the Homecoming game. Reggie was 1st runner up. Pretty cool!

Frank was in the Homecoming Parade too. Here he is walking beside the MC Swim Team float. He plays football but will be swimming next month so he decided to walk with them.


cindy said...

Oh my word, Jill! Your boys are so handsome! They have grown up so fast. I'll bet you are having a blast with them!

Palmer Family said...

That is so cool that Reggie was in the homecoming court- especially in such a huge school! Nate had a blast with them at the bridal fair when they all dressed up too. I'm glad Phil when to pick Grandma up too.