Monday, July 21, 2008

Cindy's Hair Adventure

A tank of gas...$33.....A color....$50......Cindy's reaction.....PRICELESS! What a fun day we had! In June, my mom, sister Lynda and I took my sister Cindy to get her hair colored. She has never had this done before and was very nervous to do it. These pictures show before, during and after her hair coloring adventure. The picture on the bottom center is Cindy's face as she is turned around to see the finished product! It was so much fun to be together and a big relief when Cindy actually loved it.Posted by Picasa

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cindy said...

I'm sorry but the most priceless picture that should have been taken is that of the two loving sisters reactions when they saw the new hair dew. Thank you for the wonderful day!

Cindy Atkin