Monday, October 25, 2010

Chryl's Tender Mercy

A friend in my ward has been diagnosed with cancer. She is an amazing woman. Another friend and I went to visit her this last week. This flower pot sits on her front porch. She told us that the Gerber Daisy hadn't bloomed all summer. However, on the day she was diagnosed she came home to find it had bloomed. She said it was her tender mercy and it had bloomed just for her. I agree.

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Bryan and Heather said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend Jill. When my niece (age 4) had to go in to Primaries for some heart tests before her big surgery they were going to go to the zoo after but it was closed by the time they were done. She is obsessed with the zoo so she was really upset. They drove to the fence outside where the elephants were and one of them came to the fence and waved he trunk around for like 5 minutes. She was laughing and screaming "he knows me! He is saying hi to me!" I know God does little things like that to tell people that he knows their struggles and loves them. I hope your friend will get the treatments she needs and gets better soon!