Sunday, August 29, 2010

Trek 2010

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Phil and I were asked to be a "Ma" and "Pa" for the Wellsville Stake's Trek they went on in July. Phil's assignment with the High Council has been to work with the Young Single Adult ward. We are in the Mendon Stake but the YSA kids that live in Mendon attend that ward. The YSA were asked to participate in this youth trek. It was an amazing experience. We were so impressed with them. I was so amazed at how mindful they were of each other. What a great opportunity we had to rub shoulders with such great examples.

The other thing that really hit me on the Trek was the sacrifice of our pioneer ancestors. What faith they had. Just listening to stories of those men, women and children that sacrificed so much for the gospel. I am reminded of a man who was in the Martin Handcart Company. He was living in Southern Utah many years later. He was in a church meeting where many members were critizing the church leaders for allowing the saints in those companies to leave so late. He couldn't keep quiet any longer. When he stood, he told them that he was in that company with his wife and children. He said that no one has heard a member from those companies complain. He said that he had became aquainted with Christ through that time and that he was grateful. That is not an exact quote but the general idea. What amazing faith. I am so grateful for our pioneer ancestors and their sacrifices. It has made me ponder on how can I now use my trials and adversities to become aquainted with Christ? Do I?

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