Sunday, August 23, 2009

Temple Blessings

This year we have been blessed to have 2 new temples dedicated in Utah. It is amazing how far we have come over the years. I remember as a young girl attending the dedication of the Jordan River Temple. I still have my ticket and hanky. I remember as a young girl the feeling I had there being in the temple. Now we can go to our own Stake Centers and participate in a temple's dedication. The special thing about today is that all my children were able to attend. I loved the talks and the spirit that was felt there. We were able to participate in the 9 a.m. session.

I really enjoyed the first speaker. I can't remember her name but she is from the General Primary Presidency. She gave a great analogy. She told of her grandson who aften asks his mother "why" when she tells him what to do. If the explaination isn't understandable to this young boy his mom will say "because I am the mom." I have said that myself so many times. We start out thinking that obedience is something we give our parents but we soon learn that it is a gift to us. That they love us more and want us to experience the joy that obedience can bring us. She compared this to our Father in Heaven. We may not always understand but we can experience that joy if will be obedient because he loves us more.

The Hosannah Shout and the singing of The Spirit of God were amazing. I am so greatful for the blessing of temples because He loves us more.
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