Sunday, May 3, 2009


Saturday, Jenna had a soccer game. Luckily the rain decided to stop. Yeah! The last part of the game she played goalie. She has improved so much since last year. She would beg to sit out and I would tell her I would pay her $1 if she would just kick the ball. This year she is running and kicking the ball which is so much progress. I told her I would pay her $1 for every ball she stopped. They lost like 10 to 1. As soon as the game ended she yelled, "Did you bring the owe me seven bucks!" Good to know that she wasn't too upset about the loss.


Shaleace said...

Not only was she not upset about losing but she was working on her math skills! I remember her dreading soccer last year. It is good to hear that she is enjoying it this time around.

MB said...

I taught Jenna's primary class today and she is AWESOME!! She's exactly how I was in primary...:) You can imagine. She friendly, smart, and brave! She's the type who will one day be class president or something amazing. She's great! :)

Brittney said...

Good for her! I used to be so scared to be goalie- and I am so impressed with her making so much progress. I don't think I made that much progress in the five years I played! It probably was the $1 you bribed her with- if only my parents would have thought of that. Maybe I would have been an awesome soccer player! Good job Jill for thinking of that!