Thursday, August 21, 2008

First Day of School!

It is official. School has begun and fall is around the corner. I have mixed feelings. It is hard to see summer come to a close. It just seemed to go by so fast. And it is a little bit daunting to think about schedules, carpools and getting everyone where they need to be. And once school starts the holidays are here before we know it. I am not ready for all of that. However, I have to admit that after all the kids were out the door I sat down amongst my mess with a smile on my face. Quiet was all I heard. I enjoyed every minute on of it!
Alycia is going to 7th grade.
Rob & Jenna in front of the new Mountainside Elementary here in Mendon.
Rob is in the 4th grade.
Jenna is in the 2nd grade.
Reggie & Frank were just to fast out the door before I could get a "first day of school" picture of them. Teenagers.

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W. Kent & Shirley said...

Cute Kids! It is sad to have them go back, but fill your days with some fun things for yourself for a little bit to make the sadness go away.

I am doing really quite well. Won't be around anyone for about 5 more weeks, but keeping myself busy today working on a quilt that Shanna presented at our retreat a few years ago. It is called "Every Plaid in the Basket". I had some plaids leftover from my "Woodland Clover" queen sized quilt, and thought it would be a no brainer quilt to do while my brain isn't as smart right now. Have a fun week, and thanks for commenting on my blog, Shirley